KleenBabyKleen - Eco - friendly cleaning for car eats, strollers and more.
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Welcome to KleenBabyKleen,
Where we help busy moms and dads keep their baby's car seats and strollers in tip-top shape!
Experts have found mold and harmful germs lurking in baby gear and stuffed animals. 
Your baby deserves a pristine environment, free from germs and grime. 
Our cleaning professionals recommend that strollers and car
seats recieve our standard steam cleaning package every three months. 
This will keep your baby safe, while extending the life of baby gear and stuffed animals.
Our family is committed to offering you more free time to spend with your child and ensuring that they are not exposed to harmful germs and bacteria in places where they eat, sleep and play!
                                                             Rick, Jen & Mom
Serving the tri-sate area
We will come to your home!
Home visits require a space to work and electricity hook up.
(267) 275-7986                                               
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